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10+1 things you have to do when you visit Santorini

We present you experiences you can live only in Santorini. If you miss those, then you have definitely missed a big part of the Santorinian culture.

Santorini wine tasting | Exclusive Plan Suites

Santorini Wine Tasting

Sip your way around Santorini on a 4,5-hour island wine tour, visiting two or three traditional wineries (depending on selected option). Savor up to 12 different varietals made from grapes such as the Assyrtiko and learn about Santorini’s unique viticulture.

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Explore Akrotiri

Discover the remains of a prehistoric city, that remained buried for almost 4000 years. It gives us unique and valuable information about the art, the architecture, and everyday life back in 2000 BC.